Sunday, July 31, 2005

Unlike His Future Colleagues?

I hope President Bush makes a recess appointment of John Bolton to the UN. It's about time we had a US rep to the UN and not the other way around.

The pro-UN people are living in a dreamworld if they think that the UN can go on as is. If Bolton can push change at the UN, it may regain prestige and influence in its proper spheres. If a representative to the UN who fawns over Turtle Bay is sent, the body will lose support of the American people and it will simply be ignored and bypassed even more. Some still don't want Bolton and protest about a recess appointment:

"That's not what you want to send up, a person who doesn't have the confidence of the Congress and so many people who've urged that he not be sent up to do that job," said Dodd, D-Conn., on "Fox News Sunday."

The idea that Bolton will lack the confidence of the Senate is just silly. I believe that a majority would confirm Bolton, but the minority is fillibustering.

And even if a majority would not vote to confirm Bolton, so what? He has the confidence of the president and that's enough.

Or are Bolton critics claiming that more than a small minority of representatives to the UN have been ratified by freely elected legislative bodies? Is Senator Dodd really arguing that the representatives from Zimbabwe or China have more legitimacy than Bolton will have?

Send Bolton. I like him and tend not to like the people squawking the most about him. So it's a twofer as far as I'm concerned.