Monday, July 18, 2005

Planning for War

From Instapundit this depressing look into the mind of the Hollywood establishment:

Meanwhile, Mickey Kaus notes that moral equivalence extends even to Martians:

Did War of the Worlds screenwriter David Koepp really say that the Martians in the movie represent "American military forces," while Tom Cruise and the embattled Earthlings represent Iraqi civilians? Looks like he did.
Jeez, you just can't make this stuff up.

Good grief. But how could we be the Martians? They planned their invasion for a million years. We, the opposition (and some supporters, too, I concede) says we didn't plan enough.

Actually, I think this fits quite nicely. The opposition would have planned and studied the plan so much that President Uday would have died of old age before Annex Q (al Hillarycare implementation) was completed. Planning, for the opposition to the war, has never been about winning. It was all about the delay that proves fatal.

We ain't Martians. We will win.