Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Information Leak

Building on other bits I've read about, the NYT describes how information is leaking into North Korea to show the long-isolated North Koreans that life on the outside is not the desperate scratching and clawing for sheer existence that the regime has claimed it to be. In fact, that description seems to describe their workers' paradise.

And the US is helping this process along:

Aggressive moves by the United States have added to the information leaking into North Korea. Last fall, Congress unanimously approved the North Korea Human Rights Act, which provides for increased Korean-language radio broadcasting to North Korea and for helping North Korean refugees in China.

The law has been a favorite target of harsh denunciations from North Korea. In January, the official radio network blamed the United States for societal decay, accusing Washington of increasing the broadcasting hours of Radio Free Asia toward North Korea and "massively infiltrating" into North Korea "portable transistor radios and impure publications and video materials."

The Pillsbury Nuke Boy can't be happy:

"They [the North Korean people] are gradually learning about South Korean prosperity," Dr. Lankov said. "This is a death sentence to the regime. North Korea's claim to legitimacy is based on its ability to deliver the worker's paradise now. What if everyone sees that it is not delivering?"

I hope the South Koreans stay vigilant as the North implodes soon. The Dear Leader might try to make his demise a murder-suicide pact with the South.