Friday, December 06, 2002


I am honestly baffled by this. How on Earth can these people go to Iraq to defend Saddam Hussein? How does being "anti-war" turn into being pro-murdering dictator? The story says: "The four Canadians, sponsored by an anti-war organization called Voices in the Wilderness, have volunteered to be human shields in an effort to dissuade American-led forces from attacking Iraq."

Let me just say that no American soldier, Marine, or pilot should take any steps to avoid killing these idiots if it would increase the chance that the Americans would themselves die. If those mossy-brained dolts want to die for Saddam—let them.

In the real world, we wait for the Iraqi declaration that they have nothing but dual use chemical, biological, and nuclear programs. Dual use in the sense that they can be used to kill soldiers or civilians, of course. It is actually depressing that Saddam’s thug regime will require young Americans to die in order to prevent Saddam from inflicting even more death in the future should he go unchecked. It is infuriating that Voices in the Wilderness would defend a regime with professional rapists on the payroll. Infuriating but not surprising.

Bombs away, guys.