Monday, November 25, 2002

Iraqi Letter of ‘Acceptance’: Part Deux

The Iraqi follow-up letter setting forth those vague issues of international law that could not possibly supercede UNSC resolution 1441 represent yet more ways that Iraq has not, in fact, accepted 1441. I honestly don’t understand how the press can go on about Iraq’s “acceptance.” They simply did not. And this adds to their failure to accept 1441.

While mostly it just makes me want to slap the authors around for their assault on our common sense, this part, in particular, is enough reason to invade now just to establish that we won’t stand for such drivel (I suspect the French taught them this stuff):

The fourth paragraph in the preamble indicates that Resolution 678 (1990) permitted the member states to use all necessary means to implement Resolution 660 (1990) and the subsequent resolutions in order to establish international peace and security in the region. This reference gives the false impression that the authorization to use force under Resolution 678 still stands. This authorization no longer stands from the legal and practical viewpoints, since Iraq withdrew from Kuwait late February 1991 in full implementation of Resolution 660 (1990). This authorization also became invalid from the legal viewpoint under the provisions of Paragraph (33) of Resolution 687 (1991). This resolution states that ‘once Iraq has officially notified the secretary-general and the Security Council about its acceptance of the aforementioned provisions, an official cease-fire shall come into force between Iraq and Kuwait and the members states cooperating with Kuwait under Resolution 678 (1990).

So get that, United States Third Army’s pursuit of the Iraqi army, with the Air Force bombing them as they went, until Kuwait was freed from Iraqi occupation, actually constituted acceptance of the 1990 resolution according to the letter, “since Iraq withdrew from Kuwait late February 1991 in full implementation of Resolution 660 (1990).”

Wow. Confident that the fine legal minds that drafted that statement will continue their work, I look forward to the December 8 declaration that proves that Iraq has in fact carried forth its obligation to end all weapons of mass destruction programs and all long-range missile work.

On the other hand, knowing that our enemy will interpret everything to fit in with Saddam’s notion of reality gives me confidence that we will go to war and crush the Iraqis. No country this addled in its perception of the world bearing down upon it can possibly resist effectively.

On to Baghdad. And slap Tariq Aziz until his beret goes flying off.