Monday, October 14, 2002


Well, it seems that the iron-clad logic of deterrence fails when one side is nuts. Fidel Castro wanted to take a spear in the chest for the communist team. He apparently thought Cuba's demise in a nuclear war between America and the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis was a small price to pay. Heck, even the Soviets were worried about what Castro would do. But we’re to trust that Saddam is rational. Please, he apparently has so little concept of what democracy is that he thinks the sham election he will hold Tuesday really means something and is what a real election looks like. Shoot, even the ABC projection of Saddam’s victory is accurate. I guess I won’t stay up late waiting for late returns from Basra.

I’m waiting to hear some apologist claim the election is genuine and should stay our hand. Anybody going to take any bets for France? Or maybe some "peace" organization based in San Francisco?