Thursday, October 31, 2002

Always Reasons to Dither

The writer in this article uses another variation of the tendency of every opponent of war to say doing anything will cause bad things. He talks about past actions by America such as Kuwait, Somalia (which he says accurately was a "selfless" act on our part), and the former Yugoslavia and says all gave Islamist reasons to fight us. Iraq, of course, will do the same if we destroy Saddam’s regime. Wow. Apparently, anything we do encourages the enemy. He even says by implication that it might be best to let Saddam keep his chemicals and bio weapons because in the chaos of defeat they might be "privatized." That should deter us—perhaps—according to the writer. What an amazing thing to argue, that it is better to have these horrible weapons in the tender mercies of Saddam rather than risk others getting them in the wake of our Army crushing Iraq.

Well, as long as anything we might do will give Islamists reason to fight us, we might as well crush Iraq. What’s the difference? And then kill every damn Islamist that even thinks of raising arms against the American people. Death should discourage even the most committed Islamist.