Monday, September 09, 2002


These people need to get a grip on reality. We are attacked and these people think that the appropriate place to urge peace and a whole buffet of leftist goals is to protest in America? We were attacked, remember? Wouldn’t the nationwide peace demonstrations be better held in Iraq, or Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia? Indeed, let’s just make a list of any countries that had people or regimes cheering the attacks and urging on others to attack us again.

Let us make the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 a time to put forth our vision of a safer, more just world, free of war, nuclear weapons and violence," said Medea Benjamin, founding director of Global Exchange, the San Francisco-based group encouraging and publicizing many events on the United For Peace website.

Yeah, I’ve heard of Global Exchange. A group determined to manufacture evidence that thousands and thousands of Afghanis died because we didn’t care enough to uese the very best precision munitons. Has Ms. Benjamin noticed that the Islamist terrorists have declared war on us, seek nuclear weapons, and glorify violence against us? If she is against war, nukes, and violence, why is she focused on America? I dare her, walk bare-headed into a Wahhabi madrass somewhere and tell them to just chill out and resist violence. And for goodness sake, tell them to resist nukes. Another melon head speaks too:

"If we continue attempting to seek out terrorists to pound with our military force, the events of September 11 will mark a turning to ultimate disaster, to the undermining of global security and the security of the American people," said David Kreiger, president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

But, Krieger added, if September 11 could prompt U.S. citizens to see the need for international cooperation to tackle global problems of poverty, environmental devastation, human rights abuse, and the threat of nuclear weapons, the events of that day could be seen as a "terrible but critical wake- up call."

Exactly how is destroying the people who killed 3,000 of us; and seeking out others who would do worse if they could, undermining our security? I mean really. And Kreiger sees September 11 as a positive event if we will tackle (in ways he agrees with, I assume) poverty, environmental problems, human rights, and nuclear weapons? Wow. Yep, I do seem to recall the al Jazeera interview with mullah Omar where he just lost it when the host mentioned that Gill Flipped Wallabbee habitat was being degraded in lower Dontkaristan when jack-booted storm troopers ejected peasants from their solar-heated hovels in a local swamp (sorry, “wetland”) to make way for a uranium mine. Or maybe he said something like, “I want to blast you blood sucking infidel Americans into Hell with an atomic bomb”. Whatever. Whatever he said, it proves we are bad, apparently.

I really am just shocked. I thought that seeing those barbarians strike us in such a vicious manner would be the equivalent of being hit in the head with the 2x4 reality board. I thought the attacks would cause some of the people who will go to the over forty events “scheduled in the state of California alone” to pause a moment and say, “Hey! These guys are trying to kill us! Whoa, that is really against the whole spirit of our organization.” Instead, they are probably only mildly annoyed that the terrorists rejected “international cooperation” because nearly all the hijackers were Saudi.

Alas, killing Americans is not against the spirit of these organizations as long as we respond by saving a rain forest, or something. Only fighting back offends them. I dare say few will sympathize with their position. May they rot in Hell--if the Devil will take them.